Friday, November 13, 2009

Lady GaGa - Telephone (FanMade Single Cover)

Made by lukau13

Made by Emilio

Made by scratchedface

Made by Trey

Made by Mr. Peter

Made by Hernan91

Made by Catsy

Made by Ryan

Made by mdinh26

Made by TheCreat1veOne

Made by killtheSILENCE

Made by bvwbvw


Anonymous said...

:) awesome...

Anonymous said...

does anyone have this song to listn

WIZEguy said...


TheUh-OhOreo said...

the third one from top to bottom is genius! lmaoooo
ummm u can listen to the song on youtube or check sum gossip sites, they have it up and it is AMAZING!!!!!

Trey said...

The song is on my blog! :-P

PS: I'm so glade my cover made it! (It's the first one.)


love emilio's covers!
can someone tell him to make one for bad romance!?

Anonymous said...

does anybody know if there is an official cover???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????